Awards :

  • Article titled "War of the WeatherVanes", Featured in Economic Times.

  • Recipient of IEI Young Engineers Award for outstanding research contributions in the area of mechanical engineering , Institution of Engineers India, 2015.

  • Won DOE/NNSA Defense Programs Award of Excellence, for parametric ground breaking experiments in shock driven mixing during the year 2012, Conferred by US Department of Energy in 2014.

  • Best presenter for the paper titled “Experimental study of Rayleigh-Bénard convection in the presence of rotation”., Turkey, 2013.

  • Young Principal Investigator award from Department of Science and Technology (DST Fast track research grant), India, 2013.

  • Telford Premium for best journal paper titled “Draw-down and run-up of tsunami waves on sloping beaches", Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), London, UK, 2013.

  • ‘Top 3-7 notable contributions’ award at the High Energy Density Plasma and Fluids (HEDPF) review for the work “Frontier Experiments for Shock-Driven Mixing” by K.P. Prestridge, G.C. Orlicz, S. Balasubramanian, R. Mejia-Alvarez, A. Martinez, L. Mazzaro and S. Gerashchenko, Los Alamos National Laboratory, April 2012.

  • Young faculty award for outstanding contributions during PhD and postdoc, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 2012.

  • Recipient of Los Alamos Awardees Program (LAAP) for contribution to Los Alamos Postdoctoral Association – FY’ 10, Los Alamos National Laboratory.