Sponsored and Consultancy Projects :

  • High-resolution diagnostics development for study of fluid instabilities and mixing, funded by IRCC, IIT Bombay (Completed).

  • Experimental study of flow dynamics and turbulent entrainment of jets/plumes in stratified environment, funded by Department of Science and Technology Young Investigator Research Grant (Completed).

  • Experimental and numerical study of superheated jets, In collaboration with GE Global Research India.

  • High resolution simultaneous PIV-PLIF measurements of flow dynamics and turbulent mixing in buoyant stratified jets and plumes, funded by Ministry of Earth Sciences (2014-2017).

  • Turbulence modulation in dispersed particle laden flows funded by IRCC, IIT Bombay (Completed).

  • Rotating thermal convection, funded by ME departmental special funds.

  • Meso-scale subsurface mixing dynamics in the Indian Ocean region using Modular Ocean Model (MOM), funded by DST (2017-2020).

  • Experimental Study of Turbulence Modulation in Dispersed Particle-Laden Flows using Simultaneous PIV/PTV diagnostic, funded by DST-SERB (2017-2020).

  • Currently two industrial consultancy projects are also being undertaken in collaboration with professors from other departments.