Focus areas :

  • Fluid instabilities: Study of various fluid driven instabilities in homogeneous and stratified flows (Experimental and computational).

  • Buoyant jet and plume dynamics: To understand plume behavior in stratified environments. This has high relevance to ocean and atmospheric mixing (Experimental work).

  • Turbulent modulation in particle-laden flows: Effect of dispersed particles on turbulence characteristics is an extremely crucial problem in geophysical, engineering, and natural flow systems. (Experimental and computational).

  • Rotating thermal convection: The idea here is to mimic the circulation patterns in atmosphere and to study mid-lattitude planetary waves that affect the weather & climate pattern. (Experimental).

  • Double diffusive convection driven by surface cooling in linearly stratified environment.

  • Subsurface mixing dynamics in the Indian Ocean region using Modular Ocean Model (MOM) .