Scaled experiments to model ‘Atmospheric general circulation’
Detailed understanding of heat transport mechanism in the simultaneous presence of temperature gradient and rotation is a fundamental fluid dynamic problem. An in-house rotating set up, which enables us to maintain radial as well as vertical temperature gradient, is used to study the atmospheric general circulation dynamics affecting weather and climate.
Dynamics of superheated jets
The centerline velocity decreases due to diffusion of momentum and the surface instabilities develops due to the interaction of the jet with the surrounding. The decrease in the turbulent kinetic energy with the increase in axial distance is due to the decrease in turbulent fluctuations in the far field.
Buoyant Jet and Plume Dynamics
Particle-laden plumes has many application in environmental and industrial flows in nature. In the current research work, we conducted laboratory experiments to study the effect of particle on the entrainment and plume dynamics in a linearly stratified medium.
Turbulent Multiphase Flows
Understanding the modification of grid generated turbulence in an open water channel due to the presence of dilute volume fraction of particles (φv < 1 %) using non-intrusive whole field optical measurement techniques (tandem PIV-PTV).
CFD Study of flapping foil for energy harvesting